With the cost of human capital rising exponentially, companies across our great nation are being forced to make difficult decisions with regards to how they acquire and retain good talent. Employees are our number one asset, yet they also are one of our largest line items in the budget. As costs trend up and budgets remain neutral, new solutions are necessary to be able to maintain a competitive advantage.  We are experts at building competitive benefits packages needed to attract and retain key employees, finding tax credits and providing strategic HR solutions. At Pivot Management Group, our mission is to provide our clients strategic solutions that move their budget from the red back to the black.

Craig Washburn | CEO
Veteran, USN

With more than 25 years' experience with healthcare, insurance, administration and employee benefits, I get it. My specialties are with small and mid-size business growth, human capital, employee benefits, tax credits, tax mitigation and other cost remuneration strategies. I know what it's like to see the bottom line and realize something needs to change. When you own a business, finding your budget in the red affects every decision, from recruiting to payroll and everything in between.


We are a Veteran owned Employee Benefits, Human Capital and Tax Mitigation Consulting firm. We specialize in the design, implementation and administration of cost effective human capital and tax mitigation strategies that are customized to the needs of our clients.

Our promise to our clients:

  • Superior service and relationships

  • Unending resolve to bring cost saving and budget building strategies to help our clients grow their business.

  • Deliver on all of our commitments.

  • Give back to the community we serve by supporting our fellow Veteran population.

Amy Washburn, PHR

Amy brings more than 17 years of experience supporting strategic business initiatives. She has a diverse background in several functional areas of human resources including talent acquisition, leadership development, training, compensation and employment relations. Amy has a dual Bachelors in human resource management and organizational behavior, a Masters in adult learning, SHRM-CP and PHR certifications. As a wife and daughter of veterans, she has a great deal of passion for our veterans and serves as a mentor for Allies in Service.

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