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Our goal is to help our clients understand precisely how benefits play a role in a company's overall talent acquisition and retention strategy. Obviously this is a complex topic, and heavily influenced by: demographics, current offerings, cost trends, impact on budget, cost sharing adjustments and associated impact on morale and retention, ACA compliance, open enrollment and benefit education strategies, cost containment and more. We are ready to partner with you to ensure this vital piece of your business is handled properly and strategically.




Is your payroll handled in-house or outsourced? Which is better for your company? If it's being outsourced, you may be unaware of some important cost-effective solutions. Our primary goal is to build a strategy that meets your business' needs, both financial and process related. No two clients are alike, which means no two approaches should be identical. Our focus from the very beginning of our partnership is to ensure your program meets the standards you envisioned, or to help you make strategic changes to adjust them accordingly.



Human Resources is essentially how you approach and manage Human Capital. Whether you have a seasoned HR department or not, we can help identify the gaps and address them quickly and effectively. Many of our clients realized they were overlooking important regulatory agency requirements with regards to labor law, document retention, hiring paperwork and processes. Others needed help with employee handbooks and mandatory training to mitigate their liability. Whether you prefer help to fill in the gaps internally or choose an outsourcing partner, we will help you find the solution that best suits your company's needs and budget. 



Human Capital is the most essential piece of the puzzle when it comes to managing your business' needs and potential. It's important to implement a strategy for attracting high quality talent from the beginning, to prevent unnecessary turnover or morale issues. Our team specializes in helping you implement various hiring initiatives and build internal hiring platforms, allowing you to remove the need for contract labor, and identify risk and barriers to hiring the right talent for the right job. Once you have hired the right person, you will want to keep them. We can help create your retention strategy and employment engagement platform.



The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a Federal tax credit available to employers for hiring individuals from certain target groups who have consistently faced barriers to employment. WOTC joins other workforce programs that incentivize workplace diversity and facilitate access to good jobs for American workers. We provide end to end solutions that take the mystery and headache out of recovering qualifying tax credits. Contact us today to inquire about how to maximize this credit for your business.



Are you taking advantage of all of the tax credits your company may be eligible for? Our experienced and knowledgable staff can assist you with securing those hard-to-find tax credits and educate you on how to maximize them each year. Don't leave money on the table. Trust us to navigate the complicated world of tax credits on your behalf. We are ready to serve. 

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